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QLD Country rockers Zac Cross Band have “A sound that's catching attention and making serious waves in the music scene” (Unfiltered & Undiscovered). Today the boys unveil their warm-hearted new single, ‘If You Have to Know’. “If You Have To Know tells a part of the story of how my now fiancé and I started seeing each other,” shares frontman, Zac. The three-and-a-half-minute bop reminisces on the newly engaged couple’s roots. “The intention of If You Have To Know is to capture the moment when you realise that this person could be the start of the rest of your life and that you want more than a kiss goodnight, you want a kiss good morning.” Cruisy guitar lines and a lazy backbeat form the backdrop for Zac’s earnest words. “The lyrics are words that were said, the depiction of the story really happened. It can be daunting to put your life on paper and tell your story to the world, but I am proud of this story and the life it has given me.” As the band descended on Machine Lab Recording, alongside Gold Coast hit-maker, Jared Adlam (Adam Brand, Matt Cornell), they dug through the archives to find the new single. “This song was written 5 years ago and was basically an entirely different song. When it came time to cut the track, I felt that the essence of the story was there, but the lyrics were outdated and needed a fresh coat of paint. Between myself and Jared, we re-wrote the song and by the end of the day, it was basically finished and recorded.” To stay true to the song’s authenticity the boys opted to shoot the music video in their hometown, Rockhampton. Produced by good friend and fellow artist Josh Setterfield, the clip heavily features the renowned Great Western Hotel. “The whole idea for the music video is a boy meets girl story, but literally my story. Ironically the two main actors are my brother and his wife, who met the same day and at the same place as me and my fiancé!” Since releasing their first music only two years ago the 4-piece have become favourites on the live circuit. "Zac Cross Band, showcasing undeniable talent that permeated the room.. The performance set a monumental tone for the rest of the night.” (Scenestr) They opened for Aussie legends Dragon at the 2023 Rocky Nats; lit up the Big Beer Festival, Country on Keppel, Country on Quay and countless PBR’s. This year fans can find them on some of the best festivals stages - Country Fest Queensland, Baralaba Bash, Boon Lane Country Festival, Gympie Music Muster, Wild As Country Party and Goombungee Country. On top of their festival appearances, the boys keep a rigourous touring schedule. Over the coming months they’ll trace their way down the coast to play a slew of shows through the sunshine state. Zac Cross Band continue to produce genuine music, ranging from heart-warming ballads to full pelt Rock. ‘If You Have To Know’ is a testament to their versatility and a sure-fire hit for "a band undoubtedly at the top of their game” (Stereo Stickman).

Zac Cross Band - If You Have To Know (Official Music Video)

Zac Cross Band - If You Have To Know (Official Music Video)

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