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Australian Country rockers Zac Cross Band take us to church on their vulnerable new single, ‘Dear God’. It follows from the laid-back singalong, Too Far Gone - which garnered additions to Spotify’s ‘Fresh Country’ and ‘New Music Friday NZ & AU’ playlists and Apple Music’s ‘Country Risers’, ‘Country Lovin’ and ‘Aussie Country’ playlists. Now the boys have dug deep into the spiritual well to deliver a deeply personal ballad. “Dear God is by far the most vulnerable, real and emotional song that we’ve ever done,” admits the band’s frontman, Zac. After breaking off a long-term relationship the singer embarked on a bout of soul searching, which landed him back at his family home for the first time in 6 years. “It was at this stage that I truly experienced rock bottom and for the first time, my family was there to see it.” Everything started to change when his father suggested he seek solace at church. “For me, this was huge as we are not really a religious family at all and my relationship with God was very much love-hate, bordering on atheism. Well, this comment really struck a chord with me, and an hour later, ‘Dear God’ was written.” Zac considers Dear God to be the musical anchor to this era of the band, even referencing the song in later compositions. “It truly was the start of this entire collection. Hopefully, by putting this song out into the world, it can help change someone else's life or help put someone on the right track away from a dark place.“ Brought to life through the discerning ears of producer Jared Adlam (Adam Brand, Matt Cornell), the single breaks new sonic ground for the 4-piece. “We always knew that ‘Dear God’ would be a slower, softer approach but after the magic of the studio, it now has a touch of ballad to it. Jared has a way of capturing exactly what the song is intended to make people feel and I think he has nailed it on this one.” Perhaps the song’s most moving sentiment arrives within its final minute, a flooring tribute to the frontman’s grandfather. “I ask God to say hello to my Pop and tell him that everything is okay,” he explains. Working meticulously with Adlam they were able to add a beautifully personal sentiment to the tribute. “My pop was known for his piano accordion and I therefore wanted that sound to be his ‘theme’. We were able to subtly add this nice touch to the bridge which I think worked out great. I know little things like this will be missed by almost everyone, but it's this subtle magic that I think makes all of the difference in songs like this.” It appears Zac’s prayers in the rousing new single were answered - recently popping the big question to his partner on a recent trip to Europe. “2025 will see our first Zac Cross Band wedding and I'm sure, a few songs to match.” The future is indeed bright for the North QLD locals, who will be performing at this year’s Country Fest Queensland, Baralaba Bash, Boon Lane Country Festival and returning to the renowned Gympie Music Muster. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for these blue-collar boys, hell bent on sharing their stories across the country. “We are all normal, working-class blokes, that are working our hardest to be able to play music for a living. We’re excited to play at so many new places to so many new faces throughout Australia.” Zac Cross Band are quickly carving out a unique place in the Australian country music landscape as their star continues to rise; with songs that span the entire emotional gamut over a sonically diverse palette. ‘Dear God’ is testament to their versatility and certain to catapult the band to further stardom.



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Blurring the line between Country troubadours and Rock n’ Roll renegades, Zac Cross Band, leap heartfirst into tales of good times and endless nights. When frontman Zac Cross was visiting home in 2018, he overheard a flawless rendition of the Eagles epic, ‘Hotel California’. The guitarist who effortlessly fretted the classic? Lachlan Plant – his younger brother’s best mate. Instantly recognising his potential, he thought “we have to do something about this”. The charismatic singer and then 16-year-old guitarist swiftly became regulars on the Central QLD circuit. With a chuckle, Cross recalls, “I had to be his ‘legal guardian’ - absolutely no beers for young Lachlan.” It wasn’t long before fate interceded again, bringing drummer, Bailey Connor, into orbit. “Bailey left the band that he was playing for in 2020 and after hearing this, we reached out to see if he wanted to come around and have a jam.” From that moment on they never looked back. The bass guitar spot remained a swinging door in the years that followed, until Joe O'Shaughnessy walked through and galvanised the group’s dynamics. “I think we have the dream team and I wouldn’t want to play with anyone else,” confesses Cross. “We’ve had our fair share of hurdles but now we get to travel around the country, not just as a band but as best mates.” Launching their musical voyage amidst the global COVID pandemic didn't deter their spirit. Recruiting the ears of Jared Adlam (Adam Brand, Matt Cornell) as producer, the band recorded their first EP and honed their creative Country/Rock fusion. It earned them the opening slot on Josh Setterfield’s headline tour, as well as appearances at Big Beer Festival, Country Fest Queensland, Baralaba Bash and Gympie Music Muster slated for 2024. Self-described as “Country in essence, Rock in sound”, Zac Cross Band weave together a vast tapestry of influences – from Keith Urban and Morgan Wallen to Greenday and Linkin Park. Amidst the clamour of powerful guitar riffs and stadium-worthy drums lie introspective lyrics that celebrate life. Yet, for the 4-piece from Rockhampton, music serves a higher purpose. “I believe that everyone has something they are going through,” explains the frontman. “If we can use our music to help someone deal with that or get through something, then we have a genuine purpose in what we are doing.” This believe extends to their involvement with ‘Our Rainbow House’; a charity supporting orphaned children in Zambia. The band has performed alongside Country music legend, Kasey Chambers, in support of the charity. Currently, Zac Cross Band are sculpting their debut album at Jared Adlam’s sun kissed studio on the Gold Coast, Machine Lab Recording. The 11-track opus’ lead single, ‘Too Far Gone’, notched multiple Spotify and Apple Music playlist additions, totalling 165 000+ streams. The track continues to score radio airtime on Kix Country and Triple M Country as well as featuring on ABCs Saturday Night Country. Soon the boys will unveil the next single, ‘Dear God’; a highly emotive ballad about a heartfelt plea for help. “Dear God is by far the most vulnerable, real and emotional song that we’ve ever done. Hopefully, by putting this song out into the world, it can help change someone else's life or help put someone on the right track away from a dark place. As ironic as it is, I think I can safely say that I am a man of faith." From heart-warming ballads to full pelt Rock, Zac Cross Band are redefining Country music's horizons; sharing stories of love, longing, and every twist of fate that lies between.



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